Tiny Gallery Concert Lesotho

Our Tiny Gallery Concert Series invites musicians, poets, artists and art-lovers from all over Lesotho to celebrate Basotho arts & culture through live performance.

Artists We Love

Singer-songwriter Tehri captivates with her deep, Winehouse vibes


Rapper-poet Sadon shakes things up with verses on love, self-doubt and resilience


Powerhouse singer-songwriter Leomile calls upon rain and truth with her chilling ballads

Pitso Ramakhula

Pitso Ramakhula & his band electrifies combining poetry and story-telling with their uniquely Basotho msuical style

Our Mission
InspirE Change through art

In addition to entertainment, we offer a space where artists and art-lovers can ruminate over issues experienced in our national and global society. We believe in creating grounds for engaging the public and imagining solutions for the future. Our intimate venue, compelling talk shows, and diverse audience make up a stage ripe for conversation and change. We also teach how to make different crafts during a skill-share session at each concert. To find out more about taking on the TGC stage or attending one of the concerts click the link below.

Support local artists

We provide a platform that celebrates Lesotho’s local art scene that is bursting with soul. By featuring both well-known artists and up-and-coming talent, we aim to nurture the future of performing arts in Lesotho. We also partner with the Hub, an organization in Morija that trains young people in skills such as videography and photography, to document the concerts. Our video archives is a platform for Basotho artists to reach an international audience.

Celebrate life in Morija

Morija is a village with historical and cultural significance. We are proud of our role as Lesotho’s capital of art and heritage. Our concert series is an opportunity for folks from outside Morija to get in touch with the past and become a part of the future. We are proud to partner with Morija food and craft vendors to boost our local economy share the unique tastes and culture of our hallowed neighborhood with rest of the world.

Images by Meri Hyöky Photography
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