Arts Education

Our vision is to empower the next generation of creative individuals here in Lesotho. With our ArtReach and Art Club programs, we help young people in our community receive support and encouragement.


You can learn a new art skill from anywhere! Visit our library of tutorials created by our artists on skills like knitting, crocheting, drawing still life and more.

ArtReach + Art Club

We provide support to local school teachers who request assistance from us in teaching the new national curriculum in Arts, Creativity, & Entrepreneurship. ArtReach volunteers from Morija Arts Centre are experienced and passionate in co- designing and co-implementing lesson plans with teachers in partnering schools. Our current partners include two local primary schools and one pre-school in the Morija area. We are excited to aid schools in our community in nurturing the next generation of artists in Lesotho. In addition to our outreach programs, young people from ages 5 to 15 in Morija can attend Art Club sessions held during weekdays here at our facilities.

Become a volunteer

You can help facilitate Art Club sessions after school or train to be a teaching assistant in local classrooms via our ArtReach program. ArtReach volunteers are paired with a local school and class teacher based on their skillset and interests and the requests of our partnering schools. After completing a short training session, volunteers will serve in their respective classroom to the needs of their co-teacher. Click the link below for more information.

Help us grow

You can help us advance the arts in Lesotho by donating to our Arts Education program. Your contributions help us purchase materials and tools, facilitate workshops for teachers and host exhibitions to celebrate the work of our students in the community.