Art Slam

Art Slam is a live illustration competition that creates a stage for artists exploring 2D media. In each round, artists race against the clock (and each other) to illustrate a chosen theme for a live audience. At the end of each round spectators vote for their favorite drawing.

The Art Slam Story

“At a time when countries seem to be faced with a toxic kind of nationalism and anti-immigrants banter, the Art Slam provides a platform for social cohesion. The cultural diversity and the shaping of cooperation around a uniting event can provide insights for policymakers and the governance of cultural diversity and the shaping of national unity. “

Traver Mudzonga is a consultant Art-Creative Director, researcher and writer currently in a research residency at Morija Museum and Archives, Lesotho. Read more about the artists, benefits and mission of Art Slam in his article below.

Special thanks to our Art Slam sponsors Jindong Cai and Sheila Melvin for their generous support.

Photographs by Markartsy photography.